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I am currently working on a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from UMASS Lowell. There I am fortunate to work in the Engaging Computing Group as a web developer and undergrad research assistant. Most of my experience is with JavaScript (ES6) but I am working hard on improving my skills in Kotlin and Python. I am fairly language agnostic and dabble in many languages.

Away from the computer, I enjoy hikes with my dog and playing tennis. The driving range is one of my favorite ways to blow off steam. I also really love cooking and get a lot of enjoyment cooking for friends and family.

Front-end dev., React, Bootstap, Serverless Architecture, UI/UX, Design
Most comfortable using:
JavaScript, C#, Java, C++
Made it work in:
C, Python, Scheme/Racket, Assembly

Recent Projects

SIGSCE - 2019

ECG's paper detailing the implementation and design of MYR was accepted for the 50th anniversary conference for the SIGCSE.

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After a summer internship, I was hired by BluBØX as a support services specialist. I was chiefly responsible for building and maintaining the knowledge base. This helped me gain experience with the front-end and JavaScript. As time went on my role with the engineering team grew. It was a great opportunity and introduced me to C#, the .NET stack and SQLServer.

Knowledge Base BluBØX Official
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Hack AE

The Stone Soup team and I at Hack AE. We won best in the Health and Wellness category.

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MYR is an online editor for editing and viewing virtual worlds and effects. The system provides a beginner friendly interface with robust capabilities and is meant for exploration into the fun of programming.

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An Introduction to MYR

This year at CS Connections, hosted by UML and sponsored by Google, we demoed MYR to a group of middle school teachers. We discussed possible lesson plans and the future of the project.

CS Connections
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This was a semester long project for an HCI class at UML. Albara and I, created an application that allows for rapid prototyping. We developed the tool and presented it to the class at the end of the semester.

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